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Tales by Tagore

Posted on : March 19, 2018

A personification of the classic short stories by Bengali polymath Rabindranath Tagore from his most fecund period, Stories By Rabindranath Tagore is EPIC’s widely appreciated creation. These stories have been adapted to the small screen by acclaimed film director Anurag Basu, renowned for his distinctive narratives and visual story-telling in movies. In the original literary work, Tagore focused on relationships that were drenched with human shortcomings and idiosyncrasies. Based in the early twentieth century of undivided Bengal let us cherish through few of these soulful tales.

Immerse yourself in his beautiful world of fictional creation. starting tonight at 8.30 pm. 


  1. Choker Bali
    Chokher Bali revolves around four vital characters Mahendra, his friend Bihari, his wife Ashalata and Binodini. One day, Mahendra receives a proposal of a young woman named Binodini but he doesn’t show any interest. On this, Binodini’s mother gets her married to another man but he dies of severe illness. While Binodini begins her life as a widow, Mahendra gets married to Ashalata as he falls in love with her beauty. Mahendra’s mother seems to be unhappy with this relationship. Seeing this, she invites Binodini to stay with them in their house. Binodini and Ashalata become inseparable friends, even coining a mutual pet name “Chokher Bali”. On Mahendra’s mother’s insistence, Binodini enters Mahendra’s house. Binodini becomes friends with Mahendra’s wife, Ashalata. While Asha’s friendship seems to be genuine, Binodini’s loyalty is suspicious from the very start. Binodini uses Ashalata to get close to Mahendra. Bihari notices Binodini’s behavior and gets in a heated argument with Mahendra. Hearing this, Binodini decides to leave the house but Mahendra stops her from going and expresses his feelings to her. Binodini decides to write a letter to Bihari stating that she had no such intentions but unfortunately Mahendra receives the letter. Binodini takes help from Bihari as she feels he would support her but she soon finds out that Bihari has shifted to Kolkata. Binodini then decides to settle down with Mahendra and shift to Kolkata, as this way she also gets closer to Bihari. But unfortunately, after reaching Kolkata, she finds that Bihari had left for Banaras. Once again, for her selfish motives, Binodini convinces Mahendra to leave for Banaras. Seeing this, Mahendra notices Binodini’s behavior and gets suspicious. Binodini was in search of Bihari. Mahendra leaves Binodini alone and leaves the city. Binodini remains unsuccessful in meeting Bihari.

  2. Manbhajan
    Giribala, a beautiful, young wife of a wealthy, spoilt Zamindar son, Gopinath, secretly went to watch a play in the nearby theatre. Giribala and Gopinath had a loving, romantic relationship when they got married. But soon Gopinath fell out of love and started seeing a glamorous theatre actress, Latika. The charm of Giribala’s youth and beauty could not keep Gopinath in the house. So along with a faithful maid Sudha, Giribala went to see the reason for her husband’s aloofness. The play ‘Maan Bhanjan’ started with glimmering lights and magical songs. ‘Radha’ is angry, and ‘Krishna’ is trying to convince her by surrendering himself to her feet. The play finished but Giribala was enthralled. She imagined herself as Radha, and Gopinath as Krishna. She decided she will make Gopinath fall at her own feet one day. One night Gopinath came to the house and asked for the key of the vault as he needed some money. Giribala was hurt and angry that despite Gopinath has come after a long time, he is ignoring her completely. She refuses to give the key. An angry and frustrated Gopinath beats up Giribala, snatches all her ornaments from her and left the house. Eventually, Gopinath eloped with the actress Latika. A few months later, Gopinath heard that a beautiful new actress has emerged in the theater circle and she has taken the place of Latika. Curious, Gopinath went to see the play. The curtains rose. Gopinath was baffled as in front of him, it was, his wife Giribala, dazzling the stage as gorgeous ‘Radha’.

  3. The Broken Nest
    A story about love, life, and deceit, leaving nothing but a broken nest behind. An ambitious husband, a passionate singer, greed and an empty heart, break apart a family in ways that cannot be mended.

  4. Mrunal Ki Chitti
    A young woman finds herself trapped in a world filled with backward thinking and conservative views. She tries to defeat the system by helping her downtrodden sister-in-law but realizes that society is unforgiving to women of her era. She escapes her turmoil and tries to put her thoughts to paper and send a message to her husband.

Watch Stories By Rabindranath Tagore – an adaptation of the classic short stories of the literal legends. Starting 19th March, Monday – Friday at 8.30 pm. Only on EPIC Channel.

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