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Stories By Rabindranath Tagore | Promo | Episodes 1-3

In a three part saga Chokher Bali tells the story of Binodini Chokher Bali revolves around four vital characters Mahendra, his friend Bihari, his wife Ashalata and Binodini. One day, Mahendra receives a proposal of a young woman named Binodini but he doesn’t show any interest. On this, Binodini’s mother gets her married to another man but he dies of severe illness. While Binodini begins her life as a widow, Mahendra gets married to Ashalata as he falls in love with her beauty.Mahendra’s mother seems to be unhappy with this relationship. Seeing this, she invites Binodini to stay with them in their house. Binodini and Ashalata become inseparable friends, even coining a mutual pet name "Chokher Bali". On Mahendra’s mother’s insistence, Binodini enters Mahendra’s house. Binodini becomes friends with Mahendra’s wife, Ashalata. While Asha's friendship seems to be genuine, Binodini's loyalty is suspicious from the very start. Binodini uses Ashalata to get close to Mahendra. Bihari notices Binodini’s behavior and gets in a heated argument with Mahendra.Hearing this, Binodini decides to leave the house but Mahendra stops her from going and expresses his feelings to her. Binodini decides to write a letter to Bihari stating that she had no such intentions but unfortunately Mahendra receives the letter. Binodini takes help from Bihari as she feels he would support her but she soon finds out that Bihari has shifted to Kolkata.Binodini then decides to settle down with Mahendar and shift to Kolkata, as this way she also get closer to Bihari. But unfortunately after reaching Kolkata, she finds that Bihari had left for Banaras.Once again, for her selfish motives, Binodini convinces Mahendar to leave for Banaras. Seeing this, Mahendar notices BinodiniÕs behavior and gets suspicious. Binodini was in search of Bihari. Mahendar leaves Binodini alone and leaves the city. Binodini remains unsuccessful in meeting Bihari.