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Siyaasat Promo

Somewhere in the deserts of the Khyber Pass, Ghiaz Beg’s caravan is attacked by ruthless bandits while his wife Asmat is in agony giving birth to his third child and first daughter. Thanks to the birth of this innocent new born, the bandit spares his family considering it’s a girl child and they’re doomed any way. Ghiaz’s family continues on along the unforgiving path until they meet nobleman Masood, who in a twist of fate, rescues the Beg family and takes them all to meet the emperor of Hindustan – Akbar. 12 years later, Ghiaz is a part of Akbar’s court while his daughter Mehrunissa (Nisa), grows up to be a bright and precocious child always brawling with her older brothers Mahmud and Abul.