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Siyaasat Promo - Episode 7

Mahabat wants to get rid of Abul Fazl to ensure the safety of Prince Salim. The prince on the other hand, diverts his focus on the impending war campaign while the king recuperates. Abul Fazl reminds Mahabat again that with Jahanpanah Akbar springing back to life, he is getting closer to proving to everyone that it was Prince Salim who poisoned his father. Young Nisa meanwhile, is enamored by the Mughal way of life and under Ruqayya's watchful eye, learns many life lessons too. Her mother insists that the young, loquacious girl be married though. Ruqayya reminds Man Bai that as Salim's first wife, she will have to constantly make him realize her worth but her efforts hit a roadblock when she discovers that Jagat Gosaini is pregnant. True to her nature, Jagat Gosaini doesn't shy away from letting Man Bai and Ruqayya know that she will soon be mother to the possible future ruler of Hindustan. When young Prince Khurram is born, Ruqayya, in a very smart manoeuvre requests Akbar to let her adopt the baby - a request he doesn't deny - to get back at Jagat for the uncalled-for comment made when the young princess discovered she was expecting