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Siyaasat Promo - Episode 6

Prince Salim organizes a qawwali on the occasion of Akbar's birthday. On seeing his father's closeness with his youngest brother Daniyal and fearing the loss of the throne to him, Salim decides to do the unthinkable. Akbar suffers an attack as a result of food poisoning. Khan-I- Khanan and Fazl decide to investigate and get hold of all the cooks and tasters to try to get to the root of the poisoning. Mahabat and Koka assure Prince Salim that their tracks have been covered but when they learn about Khan-I- Khanan's order for all the hakims to be brought to the palace, Mahabat hires an assassin to get their hakim killed. The assassin manages to kill all the captive hakims. Fazl tells Prince Salim that he is aware of his master plan to poison his father and that he will leave no stone unturned to find out the truth. When Akbar tells the young Prince that the throne is his for the taking, he is ashamed of his deed. Khan-I- Khanan and Fazl meanwhile discuss how they can prepare the young Daniyal for the throne.