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Siyaasat Promo - Episode 42 - Finale

Eventhough salim had many wifes, Mehrunissa created her own name as she aspired to be the begum of India. She was high spirited and strong as others conspired about her. Pasha Begum consipres against Nisa so as to disrespect her. Badshah comes and meets Nisa, offering her to come into his palace to which Nisa declines as it would bring shame to her family. Badshah thinks of how the nobles could allow the marraige and comes up with a strategy. Transfering and reconstructing the positions of nobles in the kingom, he makes sure they agree to his conditions, allow the marraige. Nisa marries Badshah Jahangir and comes back to the palace respectfully. Badshah names her Noorjahhan and gets the royal coins inscribed with her name.