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Siyaasat Promo - Episode 15

Salim, on finding out that Nisa’s marriage has been fixed with Ali Quli, rushes to meet Akbar but is denied entry. He confronts Abul Fazl, Koka and Mahabat in sheer desperation. At the other end, Nisa is upset with her parents for having accepted the proposal without much resistance.

Nisa rushes to the palace to meet Salim and when they meet, Salim promises to seek Akbar’s approval on the wedding, on the morning of Eid. Abul Hasan expresses his apprehensions about Salim’s promise and asks Nisa to be smart about her decisions. Mahmud overhears the conversation and passes on the information to Hoshiyaar, who relays the same to Akbar. Salim tries to meet Akbar one more time but is forced to return unsuccessfully. Finally Ali Quli, accompanied by Khan-I-Khanan, comes to Nisa’s house where Nisa and Ali Quli are engaged, much to her reluctance.