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Sanrachna - Episode #5 - Vertical Wonders

Situated in two separate states of India lie two monuments which have stood the ravages of time. With their stones touching the winds of the sky, the Vijay Stambh in Rajasthan and the Brihadeshwara Temple in Tamil Nadu are architectural wonders of India dating back to 1449 AD and 1010 AD respectively. Vijay Stambh, also known as the Tower of Victory, is a nine storied tower which was built to commemorate King Rana Kumbha’s victory over the armies of Mewar. Brihadeshwara Temple, a Hindu temple, was built as a dedication to Lord Shiva, and stands tall at 216 feet. Our expedition to find the Vertical architectural wonders of India was fulfilled when we stood at the steps of these marvels and looked up, only to find a glorious era that was etched across the skies.