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Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan S2 | Four Corners Special

A culinary Journey that starts with the dawn of civilization in India, unearthing the foods of Harappan civilization, the vedic age and of our epics – Ramayan and Mahabharat this food( some text missing) trail then fast forwards to the days of the Delhi Sultanate, Glory of the Mughals and the delicacies of Awadhi Cuisine. A saga of the food history of North India.
An exclusive insight into the ancient kitchens of Brihadishwara temple which has withstood the waves of time, exploring the legend associated with Bhim’s invention that’s still savoured in kerala… tracing the path of invaders and traders through the pepper streak of kerala backwaters and reliving the nostalgia of the glories that came from the kitchens of the Nizams. A saga of the food history of South India.
A journey across east India, to explore the hidden treasures of their cuisine, from the simplicity of dalma to the delights of Mahi Pualo, Orissa and Calcutta have preserved their centuries old distinct flavor. A look at the glorious food and history of the Mighty Ahoms of Assam who humbled the Mughal army for a record 17 times. All this along with the unseen delights of the North East. A saga of the food history of East India.
Rewind to the glorious past of the Rajputs and Maratha kings, whose valor was only parallel by the taste of the taste of their royal food… explore the legends behind famous royal dishes like laal maas, tambra rassa, pandra rassa and shakarkand ki kheer. Hop on to the fast train on a spicy journey across the streets of Mumbai to savor its favorite food. A saga of the food history of West India.