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Valentine’s Day: The Day of Love and Romance

Posted on : February 14, 2018

Love is in the air as February 14 is here! Yes, it is time to celebrate Valentine’s Day and we bet, everyone has already planned the day with their special someone. While Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, not many of us are aware of the origin of this love-filled day. So, while you are busy planning Valentine’s Day 2018, here’s something you should know what happened in the third century A.D. and the real reason why February is labeled as the month of romance.

The exact history of Valentine’s Day still remains some sort of a mystery but according to one legend, it suggests the day to be linked with Saint Valentine, a priest in Rome. During the same time the Emperor of Rome, Emperor Claudius II believed that single soldiers were performing better at war than those with wives and families that led him to abolish marriages for young men. St. Valentine, who believed that this law was unfair, continued to get young couples married, in secret. When Emperor Claudius II found out about this lawbreaking activity, he ordered for St. Valentine to be put to death on 14th February, a date that has forever cemented its place in the history as Valentine’s Day.

Not just the aforementioned theory but there is another legend, which states that St. Valentine was given a death penalty as he helped Christians from the harsh Roman prisons. During his tenure in the prison, he fell in love with a young girl – the jailer’s daughter. In order to confess his love to her, he wrote to her a love letter, signed, “From your Valentine”- an expression that is used even in today’s colloquial language.

We believe that, even though the real reason behind the origin of this day maybe heart-breaking and leave us confused, it is important to celebrate love on this day and that is what is significant. This day holds significance not only for those who are in a relationship but also for all those singles out there because it is time to profess your love to all that special one in your life. And more than anyone else, it is the right time to start practicing self-love. Here’s wishing each and every one a very happy Valentine’s Day and we hope you continue to spread love and peace in the world.


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