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The Celebration of Easter Sunday

Posted on : April 01, 2018

Easter – The day celebrated by the Christian community marks the renaissance of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. One of the popular belief is that Christ concurred the death and appeared from the grave on Sunday following the crucifixion, therefore Easter Sunday is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm among the Christian countries after a mourning Good Friday. Let’s look at the significance of Easter and how is it celebrated.

What is Easter and what does it signify?

The roots of Easter celebration in India goes back to the time of British Raj (British Colonisation) and other European colonies. The day is celebrated after the 40-days of Lents during which Christians fasts, pray and go through the strict penance.

The festival also marks the arrival of the spring season and it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. It is mostly believed that Jesus Christ appeared after the 3rd day from his grave on Sunday which is why ‘Easter Sunday’ is celebrated around the world among the Christian community around the world.

When is Easter?

The day falls on different dates each year, however, this year Easter will occur on Sunday, 1st April. Easter and related celebration such as Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday are regarded as ‘moveable feast’. The Georgian calendar which is followed by the western Christianity, Easter falls on a Sunday between 25th March to 24th April. Whereas in Julian calendar it is celebrated on Sunday between April 4th to May 8th each year.

Religious Tradition Of Easter Day

The resurrection of Jesus Christ as described in Bible is the foundation upon which the entire Christianity is built. Hence, Easter is the most significant day marked in the Christian calendar.

The four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) in the new testament proves that Jesus was the living child of God and those who believe in His death and resurrection are given “the gift of eternal life”.

How is Easter celebrated?

Some Christian communities in India start this day with special prayers and masses, feasting and exchanging of gifts and Easter Eggs. Whereas in states like Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, the celebration is held with more passion and zeal than other parts of the country. Since these states are home to about 60 percent of the Christian community of India.

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