Posted on : March 30, 2018

Today is Good Friday, the day observed largely by the Christians remember the crucifixion of the Jesus Christ and his death at Golgotha. The day is also known as Black Friday, Great Friday, Holy Friday, God’s Friday.

How people celebrate Good Friday?

It’s a normal observance of human that ‘Good” is always associated with happiness, joy, peace and it has no connection with the tears and sadness. Different parts of the country have its own way to celebrate/mourn the painful sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  It’s a popular belief in Christianity that signifies the importance of Good Friday, if Jesus had not suffered, his rivalry would not have saved a single Christian.  Hence, to pay to honour His virtuous sacrifice of for mankind. 

  • People wear black clothes and cover all the statues, pictures, and unlit the candles
  • Attend church and say prayers: commemorate Christ’s death and sufferings and join the service that is solemn
  • Some people attend the stations of Cross where they sing hymn and prayers from one station to another.
  • Participation in the Holy Communion
  • Holy Saturday is also observed mourning the death of Christ.
  • The next day is the Easter Sunday Which is celebrate his revival


The Three Traditional Rituals.

To mark the mournful day of Good Frida, Christians observe three traditional rituals which are:

  1. The first and the most important ritual on Good Friday is to commemorate his last journey to Golgotha hilltop the place where he was crucified, which is commonly known as ‘Way of Cross’.
  2. The ‘3-Hours of Agony’, and ‘Last 7 statements’ he made when was hanged on the cross.
  3. The evening service in the chapel


Why is Good Friday termed Good? 

There are many explanations for why good Friday is termed as ‘Good”. The word ‘good’ was believed to be ‘holy’ in the old English and hence ‘Good Friday’ is also ‘Holy Friday’. Another explanation says Good Friday is called Good because on this day through the His sacrifice (death) we (Christians) have been saved. Hence, it’s a God’s Friday and Its ‘Good’.


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