Posted on : May 03, 2018

Mahabharata – one of the famous epic of Indian mythology which comprises the essence of Ethics, Dharma, Religion, War, Politics, and Parenting. This mega-saga is all about the friction between the two branches of the Kuru clan to conquer the throne of Hastinapur. The epic tale of Mahabharata has enlightened many of us with the concept of ‘liberation of Soul’ through the conversation of Lord Krishna and Arjuna between the battlefield.

The tale encompasses of various characters some of which are mighty warriors, cryptical thinkers, sages and devoted wives. But above all, these characters inspire us all. Let’s have a look on 6 prominent characters of the Mahabharata with the perception of ‘Tato Dharma, Tato Jayah’ (where there is righteousness, there shall be a victory)

1. Bhishma

Famous for taking a vow of celibacy his influence on people was explicit. He conquered battles and build the immense kingdom of Hastinapur through his vision. He was an impeccable executioner and a discipline spartan. Bhishma was never titled as King but throughout his life, he served as a custodian to his kingdom.

2. Dharmaraj Yudhisthira

The eldest son of King Pandu, Yudhisthira was the King of Indraprastha and later Hastinapur. He had a great attachment to morals, ethics, righteousness, truth and commitments. His innocence and non-aggressive qualities were indeed eye-catching but at the same time made him week in taking a slightest political decision.

3. Dhritarashtra

One of the most important characters of Mahabharata, Dhritarashtra believed that his blindness is a curse making him unfit to rule the Hastinapur. He had a great envy against his younger brother Pandu. It was Dhritarashtra’s emotional blindness and greed for the throne which made his elder son Duryodhana an ego-centric and hot head human being for which he was criticized throughout his life.

4. Gandhari

A blindfolded mother of 100 sons, and a puppet for her blind husband. She is a lady with immense natural power and always supports ‘Dharma’. She is undisputedly the wisest female character of Mahabharata. She witnessed all his sons’ death one by one but never left the path of righteousness.

5. Karna

One of the unsung heroes of Mahabharata, Karna was an invincible warrior. Despite being ill-fated prince since birth, he justified his never-say-die attitude courageously throughout the epic Mahabharata, His character in Mahabharata has an everlasting fame because he taught how to accomplish everything with a shatterproof determination. It was his attitude which gave him the title of “Danveer Karn’ during the battlefield.

6. Duryodhana

A strong leader with magnificent warrior skill, Duryodhana throughout his life envy the Pandavas. He holds the traits of greediness and jealousy bt one also remember that he is also known for his friendship, bigheartedness and compassion. He was also famous for his hospitality which makes him an untainted Kshatriya.


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