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Kahi Suni

In a land steeped in mysticism, spirituality, and religion, the imagination of the followers has much room ... Read more

Mon - Fri at 9PM
Mid Wicket Tales With Naseeruddin Shah

‘Mid-Wicket Tales with Naseeruddin Shah’ explores the many interesting untold stories of Indian cricket ... Read more

Mon - Fri 10PM
Time Machine

Three invitees have been living on the wrong side of the law and now find themselves being blackmailed by t ... Read more

Mon - Fri 8PM

Ekaant takes you through the abandoned roads and alleys of some of India’s historic locations. Travelling ... Read more

Mon - Fri 9:30PM

Kahi Suni is a show about the Myths and Legends of India.

Mon - Fri at 9PM

Ekaant travels through the spread out palaces and deserted forts, documenting and investigating the eerie processes of abandonment of each site.

Mon - Fri at 9.30PM

Rakkt - S2 Rakkt - S2 Rakkt - S2

Mon - Fri 7pm

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Itihaas Ki Thali Se

Come join us on a delicious journey - tracing the recipes and their ingredients across the years!