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Devlok With Devdutt Pattanaik - The Book

Finally the book is here! For those who haven't caught the series Devlok With Devdutt Pattanaik, you can no ... Read more

Devlok with Devdutt Pattanaik S2

Mythology simplified by India’s renowned mythologist, Devdutt Pattanaik. Fan-generated themes and topic p ... Read more

DeepTalks By Deep Trivedi

In DeepTalks, a series of psychological talks and discussions; renowned author, speaker and pioneer in spir ... Read more

Sun at 10am
Stories By Rabindranath Tagore

The characters of Tagore’s stories spring into life through the cinematic imagination of acclaimed filmma ... Read more

Mon - Fri 10PM

Adrishya makes you experience life from the point of view of India’s greatest spies, living through the d ... Read more

Fri 10pm
Kahi Suni

Kahi Suni packs away our skepticism and takes us on a ride through the legendary tales of India. Each desti ... Read more

Mon-Fri 9pm
Yam Kisi Se Kam Nahin
Mon - Fri 7.30 pm

Siyaasat is a story of politics, inter-personal conflicts, sabotage, grandeur, power and above all else, th ... Read more

Mon-Fri 9pm
New Shows This July!

Catch all new shows this July only on the EPIC Channel!

Mon - Friday 10 Onwards
Devlok With Devdutt Pattanaik Season 2

Devdutt's back with a new season of Devlok With Devdutt Pattanaik!

Mon - Thurs 10 PM
The Great Escape

Catch true stories of some of the great escapes in Indian History!

Friday 10PM
Indian Martial Arts - Ek Itihas

Check out the new Indian Martial arts show!

Wed & Thurs 10.30PM